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1. Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

1Deep Cleansing Facial is type of facial involving cleansing, steam, facial massage, facial mask, serum and moisturiser. We will start with removing blackheads and whiteheads. Deep Cleansing Facials are good choice if your skin lacks moisture and reveals pores after treatment your skin will be glowing, clean and fresh and very soft.

Regular Deep Cleansing Facials will help slow the aging process also great way to rejuvenate your skin: dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged, blood flow is stimulated, blackheads are extracted. For best results, book a facial every 6-8 weeks


2. UltraSonic Skin Cavitation Peeling

Cavitation peeling and ultrasounds are used in the treatment of acne and rosacea, allowing for accurate removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles. During the treatment, the ultrasonic sound vibrations open the skin’s pores, removing excess oil and dirt, and flushing it away with water applied on your skin. At the end of treatment Algae mask will make your skin feels soft an refreshed.


3. Diamond Microdermabrasion

1Microdermabrasion ,,vacuum'' your skin with fine crystals, removing layer of dry, dead skin cells and revealing your own glowing, healthier looking skin underneath. The treatment encourages the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin, leading to more radiant skin. And because it removes dead surface cells, microdermabrasion can also increase the effectiveness of your skincare products.

Microdermabrasion treatment can help reduce or eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines, "crow's feet," age spots, light acne scars, and undesired pigmentation that may appear on the skin over time.

We recommend to do at least 5 session which will improve your skin conditions each time you visit us, for advice please see out therapists.


4. Sonophoresis

We use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through your skin.The treatment stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalization and improvement of collagen and elastin, better control of pigmentation production, restoration of normal skin blood flow and proper oxygenation of the skin. Its a non-invasive way to achieve healthy, youthful skin without resorting to surgery.

After treatment you will notice changes in skin laxity, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scar reduction, skin tone and texture.During treatment, active ingredients are released deep down into the dermis to target the signs of aging, dehydrated skin, photo damage, acne. Sonophoresis can be used on the, face, neck, hands, arms, back and chest for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea skin. See advice for booing session.


5. Chemical Skin Peel Treatment

Chemical peels remove old skinso that new layers can grow in their place and are a popular acne treatment. Depending on the type of peel you might get different reaction. A full-face deep chemical peel takes one to two hours. A solution is applied to the area being treated, avoiding the eyes, brows, and lips. There is a slight burning sensation, but it should be minimal since the solution also acts as an anesthetic.Because chemical peels are so active and deeply penetrating, downtime of up to 10 days can be expected all depends on your skin conditions.


Chemical peels can treat the following skin conditions:

• Wrinkled or sun-damaged facial skin

• Wrinkles around the mouth and around your eyes

• Brown spots or blotchy skin coloring

• Acne or chicken pox scars

• Superficial facial scars from a past injury


6. Botox and Fillers

1Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Botox is named for Botulinum toxin, an anti-wrinkle injection. It will take 4-14 days to notice results. Botox softens wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses which cause the muscle contractions behind unsightly lines and wrinkles. Its fighting abilities temporarily wipe out existing lines and wrinkles while preventing of new ones.


Our Botox treatments include:

  Forehead lines (Worry Lines)

These lines are most noticeable when you lift your eyebrows

• Periorbital lines (Crows feet- lines radiate from the outer corner of the eyes)

These lines radiate from the outer corner of the eyes. Smiling makes these lines more visible

• Glabellar lines (Frown lines between eyebrows)

These lines appear between your eyebrows. Frowning makes these lines appear more prominent

• Nasoforehead lines -Bunny lines

• Eyebrow lifts

• Migraines

If you suffer from chronic migraine headaches, Botox is an approved option that delivers quick relief


Dermal Filler Treatments - Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid decrease as we age and the skin begins to lose its firmness and fullness. Dermal Fillers are effective way to re-volumise the face and reduce wrinkles, producing more youthful look.Treatment results are instant and the skin is left looking smoother and younger. Most patients only require 1 treatment and results typically last 8-12 months. Age lines, wrinkles, and thin lips happen due to the reduction of moisture in skin tissue. Lip filler injections work with your personal moisture level to make your skin look smoother and revitalized.


We treat:

• Lip definition and add volume

• Nasolabial lines (Laughter lines)

• Facial volume loss

 Fine line reduction


7. Red Light Therapy - Collagen New Age

1Collagen Light Therapy with Collagen New Age is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments that you can use. It is the only natural, non-invasive treatment, allowing you to get rid of wrinkles and improve the quality of your skin. Its impact on human skin cells stimulates the biosynthesis process, rebuilding the lost collagen and elastin. In our Clinic we use Collagen NEW AGE by ,,Body Space Slim & Beauty'' is a medical device used professionaly in hospitals, specialist centres, treatment and medical centres, salons and beauty clinics. Light Therapy emits light at 633 nanometres, the visible pink light is warm and pleasant, and has a relaxing effect on our clents. It penetrates the skin to a depth of up to 10 millimetres which reaches the deeper skin layers and stimulates collagen and elastin reconstruction in the skin. Rebuilding the lost collagen and elastin using the COLLAGEN NEW AGE therapy requires some time and a little patience from the client but treatments can not be overly fast to get excellent effects.


What Red Light Therapy-Collagen New Age treat:

• Skin Rejuvenation

• Reducing fine lines and wrinkle

• Active Acne

• Superficial skin lesions

• Optional infra-red light source can be used to improve local blood circulationOptional infra-red light source can be used to provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain

• Post Surgey

• Wound healing


8. Cupping - New Anti-Cellulite Therapy

1Cupping method as a traditional Chinese alternative medicine can be used alone or in combination with another alternative medicine and help improve traditional medicine. In Chinese culture, the cupping methods are used to help improve pneumonia and bronchitis, along with the common cold and other chest infection. Cupping therapy has been used to treat several other conditions including blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia, rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, fertility and other gynecological disorders, eczema, acne, high blood pressure, migraines, anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, and varicose veins, increasing circulation, improving tissue delivery. Cupping is a non-invasive healing method that can aid in detoxifying a person’s body and improving their overall energy. In Our Clinic You can get Cupping Treatment which will help building up the energy and relief your body of toxins.

Massage Cupping its now New method for weight loss and cellulite reduction

During massage cupping, Our Specialist will use specific body oil then move the cups around and glide them across your skin, do massage therapy. Silicone therapy cups are soft and flexible which makes it easier for our Specialist to move them across the patient’s body. Also Massage cupping is considered an alternative medicine to help with pain and stress relief to ease tension feelings of relaxation. Just remember to do this two times a week, just two times a week find 15-20 minutes to do these massages and you’ll see results very fast and we can help you to get best results you want.

Cupping therapy is safe to do on a weekly basis but as the treatments continue, the frequency of the visits can be reduced as the toxin levels in the patient’s body will be relatively low. Cupping therapy sessions can usually be scheduled weekly or monthly depending on the individual situation and concerns of the patient. You can find out more while you visit us for free advice.


9. Algae Mask's

1Algae, commonly known as “seaweed,” hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin, all while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. Rich in antioxidants, algae also helps to protect skin against free radical damage and prevents the formation of an enzyme that causes the deprivation of collagen. Algae is also full of enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, nucleic acids, fatty acids, and DHA. Amino acids in algae firm and renew tissue while the fatty acids fight against inflammation, leaving the skin even, soft and supple.Due to the algae’s nutritious, soft cell wall, all of these nutrients are easily transferable to the skin through our top-of-the-line skin care products.

Our Clinic offers range of Algae mask's Treatments to make your skin feel nurished, soft and fresh


10. Ear Pircing

1We using Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System so we can pierce both ears at the same time.

There is no faster and more painless method. Blomdahl provides maximum protection.Blomdahl medical plastic is the only material in the world used for safe piercing the ears, which does not contain nickel.Never expose children to products containing nickel. That is why we recommend it to children and adults as a product that is completely safe for the skin.

The Blomdahl stopper is the key to fast healing of an ear-pierced wound. You willl enjoyed fast treatment and your kids will love it the gift which comes with.


11. Hyperhidrosis

1Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating disorder. The profuse sweating may affect the entire body or be specific in just one region of the body.Excessive sweating can create a host of problems to those who suffer from it. Apart from the obvious discomfort, people also encounter disruption in daily activities as a result of profuse sweating.Botox is a non-surgical solution to stop the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. This procedure is known to dramatically reduce sweating and provide long-lasting results to patients. In our Clinic Botox is directly injected into affected areas of the body. This beneficial toxin affects the nerve endings by reducing the transmission of nerve impulses to the sweat glands found in different parts of the body. The results usually start becoming noticeable two to four days after treatment. The body will start producing normal levels of sweat two weeks after the first Botox injection. Book an appointment with Us and get professional advice


12. Lashes and Eyebrows Tint

We offers an extensive range of professional eyelashes and Brows treatments tining. Our client’s getting the ultimate lash definition, without the need for mascara.

Brow Experts can give you a flattering tint to transform your brows & lashes from fair to full and fabulous.


13. Diode Laser Hair Removal

More and more custoers want to have permanent hair reduction. They want a treatment which is effective, fast and comfortable. Well known Medical Company called Lumenis is a leader in laser and energy based technologies who developed the LightSheer DESIRE, the new generation of laser hair reduction system.

1Laser hair removal is based on selective phototermolysis induced in the hair follicle. The laser light is absorbed selectively by the structures of the hair follicle that contain melanin. The energy of the laser is converted into heat, which destroys the structures of the flats responsible for the growth of the hair. There is permanent destruction of the flat and discontinuation of new hair production.

As research has shown, this phenomenon can be most effectively used in the active phase of hair growth (anagen). Other growth periods of our hair - the phase of disappearance (catagen) and resting (telogen) - are inert to the laser, hence the need to make min. 3 treatments repeated in intervals of an average of 6 weeks.


Before your laser hair removal treatments make sure your skin is prepare:

The skin in the places where hair removal is planned should be clean and shaved

The skin must not be dry or irritated. If the skin requires it, a few days before the procedure use emollients (moisturizing-oiling-soothing creams). If your body is dehydrated, drink a lot of water the day before treatment.

Immediately before the treatment, the skin should be shaved in the places of the planned "hair removal", but a few hair should be left to assess their color and thickness.
Before each hair treatment you can not tear (tweezers, wax, mechanical epilators) for 4 weeks for the face and 6 weeks for other skin areas. However, you can shave or cut them.
Before the procedure, you should not use creams with vitamin A, retinoids (eg Isotrexin, Differin, Zorac, Retin A and others), vitamin C, fruit acids and exfoliants. If this was the case, a 4-week break should be taken before the treatment.

Therapy with retinoids (eg Roaccutane) requires a half-year interval between the end of the treatment and the first treatment.All oral and local medicines should be notified before the treatment. Sensitive medicines and some herbs (marigold, St. John's wort) must be discontinued 2 weeks before the procedure.

The counter-indication is a fresh tan, both obtained in the sun and on a tanning bed, as well as a brown skin tone after self-tanning or bronzing creams. The minimum break after natural tanning and solarium is 2-6 weeks.Tanning obtained as a result of self-tanning (creams, air-brush treatments) is a contraindication to the procedure. Epilation is possible after it has been resolved.

Cosmetic treatments, facial cleansing - depilation in a given place is possible 7 days before the procedure or 14 days after the procedure.


Attention to contraindications

waxing, epilator or tweezers (discontinue one month before planned surgery),
fresh tan (sun, tanning bed and self-tanner) in places that we plan to undergo surgery (stop 5 weeks before planned treatment),
use of cosmetics, herbs, tablets with vitamin C, St. John's wort, marigold, and weight-loss teas (it should be discontinued 2-3 weeks before the planned treatment),
photosensitizing medicine, antibiotics,
using a cream with retinol (discontinue 3 weeks before the planned surgery),
peeling (stop using it a week before),
herpes in places where laser hair removal is planned,
photodermatosis and bladder diseases of the skin,
psoriasis, vitiligo,
active skin infections,
tendency to keloids,
confirmed susceptibility to skin discoloration,
reticularis (marbled skin),
gray hair,
epilepsy (relative),


After treatment :

A natural symptom after the treatment is temporary swelling and / or redness, which disappear after a few hours. During 2-3 days after the treatment, the skin should be treated gently: wash with unsaponalded gel or tonic or non-alcoholic milk, or clean water; do not use deodorants and antiperspirants (if the depilation involved armpits); use powder or cream Alantan or Bepanthen, Dermopanthen; skin to dry gently, do not rub, do not irritate in a different way; preparations with exfoliating effect (eg peeling) avoid hot baths.You should not sunbathe (natural or solarium) 2-4 weeks after. During this period, protection is required in places exposed to direct UV rays (creams with anti-UVA and UVB filters with high indexes, 50 or more)Do not use substances and contraindications between treatments.Do not use swimming pools and saunas to resist irritation.

Do not pull hair out for a minimum of 6 weeks (face minimum 4 weeks); Epilation using a shaving razor is allowed.
Another 4-8 treatments should be performed at intervals of 6-10 weeks on average for legs and back and 4-6 weeks for other parts of the body.For more information please visit us for free advise.


14. Vascular Lesion Laser Treatments

Vascular lesions are blood vessels that are visible through the skin. The harmless lesions look blood-colored, with either a red or purplish hue. Standard types of vascular lesions include: spider veins, telangiectasia, port wine stains, and hemangioma. They can occur on almost any part of the body, but are especially common on the face or legs.There are many causes of vascular lesions, and they often appear as a side effect of aging. As such, laser treatment of vascular lesions has become a popular cosmetic procedure for people concerned about their skin appearance


15. Lifting treatment - Photon ultrasonic massager

Phototherapy is a modern and effective method that is used for the purpose counteracting and lifting the skin. Clinical studies show that light enters the body as energy and absorbed by photoreceptors inside cells,thanks to this, light therapy is an innovative method of skin care.It is the most modern transport system for active substances for deep skin layers. The treatment is completely painless non-invasive and do not cause tissue damage.We can to this treatment regardless of the season and noo recovery period after it needed.Please see therapists for advice.


16. Manicure and pedicure

1Leave yourself enough time to get the full benefit of the treatment, and make sure you don't have to rush off. A manicure and Pedicure can last from 15 minutes to more than an hour, depending on what you're having done. We can provide you with:

• clean, shape, strengthen, paint and decorate your nail

• attend to any skin problems you might have around the nail, such as broken or sore skin

• use oils, creams, mask, paraffin and waxes to improve your healthy skin

• cleanse and improve the texture of your nails

• nail art, including new extension system- PolyGel which take no longer then 30min to extend your nails. Please contact us for more informations