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Welcome to MN Scincare & Aestetic Clinic

MN Scincare & Aesthetic Clinic is a team of fully trained, qualifiled and experienced specialists including. Nurse - Qualifiled in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, professional Alternative Medicine Therapist - Body and Health Treatments also Beautician with years experience and Laser Treatment Specialists.

Please call us or text to make apointment and get professional free advice so we can
recommend best treatment for You.


Botox & Hyaluronic acid

Botox is the most popular
non-surgical cosmetic treatment,
Botox is named for Botulinum toxin,
an anti-wrinkle injection. Helps
improve: Forehead lines, Frown lines
between eyebrows and many more
Hyaluronic acid - Dermal...

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Red Light Therapy

Collagen Light Therapy with
Collagen New Age is one of the most
effective anti-wrinkle treatments
that you can use. It is the only
natural, non-invasive treatment,
allowing you to get rid of wrinkles
and improve the quality of your...

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Anti-Cellulite Therapy

Cupping method as a traditional
Chinese alternative medicine used to
treat several conditions including
anemia, arthritis, eczema, migraines,
depression, allergies, asthma,
circulation. Cupping massage its
now new method for...

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Ear Piercing

In our Clinic we using Blomdahl
Medical Ear Piercing System so we
can pierce both ears at the same
time.There is no faster and more
painless method. Blomdahl provides
maximum protection. That's why we
recommend it to children and...

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Our Clinic offer variety of Facial
Treatments , incluing Chemical Peels
which remove old skin so that new
layers can grow in their place and are
a popular acne treatment. Chemical
peels can treat the following skin
conditions: Wrinkled or...

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Diode Laser Hair Removal

More and more customers want to
have permanent hair reduction.
They want a treatment which is
effective, fast and comfortable. Well
known Medical Company called
Lumenis is a leader in laser and
energy based technologies who...

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